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Download our free Profit Surge VSM software to easily develop Value Stream Maps that outline your  
company’s process flow.
What is Profit Surge VSM?  
Our easy to use Value Stream Mapping (VSM) software allows you to identify and drive improvements that will push your company to the next level. This software enables you to develop a customized VSM for your specific needs.  
There are two components of Profit Surge VSM:

VSM Drawing:  
The VSM drawing function has the flexibility of inserting process steps, queues and shapes as needed and then allowing them to be moved around to create an easy to understand, visually appealing Value Stream Map.  
Excel Data Sheet:  
The VSM drawing is automatically linked to an Excel spreadsheet. This spreadsheet allows you to manage data for your VSM drawing. You can input values and equations to update your Value Stream Map.

Other resources:

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